Training Hall, Board Room & Auditorium

Choose from our versatile event spaces, including a training hall, board room, and auditorium. Equipped with modern amenities, these well-appointed spaces are perfect for corporate events, seminars, workshops, and more.
Rambhau Mahalgi Prabodhini

Training Hall

Training Hall No. 1, 2, 3, 4 with a 25- 100 seater capacity enables a personalised learning atmosphere where the instructor can make the best use of a board with writing instruments to delve deep into the complexity of topics at hand.
Rambhau Mahalgi Prabodhini

Arya Chanakya Board Room

The Arya Chanakya Boardroom is a 30-seater fixed-seating boardroom. Comparable to most well-appointed corporate boardrooms, it is available for group discussions, meetings, seminars, brainstorming sessions, etc.

Rambhau Mahalgi Prabodhini

Pt. Deendayal Hall

Pt. Deendayal Hall (Non-AC) is a large hall which accommodates up to 400 delegates.
Rambhau Mahalgi Prabodhini

Raja Shivaji Auditorium

Raja Shivaji Auditorium is a free-seating hall, allowing flexible seating options suitable for various types of conferences, seminars, workshops, and trainings. The auditorium accommodates up to 200 delegates.