Greetings from Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini’s Knowledge-Excellence Centre (RMP-KEC)

Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini’s (RMP) KEC is one of the rare non-resort facilities made available to the corporate organisations in a thoroughly professional manner. It may be brought to your kind attention that RMP is a unique training and research institution, recognised by the UN as an NGO in consultative status, which is engaged mainly in building the capacities of voluntary social workers and elected representatives. Revenue, generated out of the use of our facility by the corporate sector organisations, is put to use for our institutional mission, i.e. training of voluntary sector.

Rules and Regulations for patrons (Corporate Organisations) and guests (Voluntary Organisations)

A. Booking Formalities:

A.1. We insist that all our prospective patrons and guests must visit this facility at the time of booking. Personal visit to our campus always helps getting a clear idea of the facility, its distance from Bhayander and Mumbai and other aspects related to the location of the campus. Kindly therefore, avoid finalizing the hiring of our facility without having visited the same.

A.2. No booking will be treated as confirmed without payment of 50% of the estimated amount of final bill, at least 15 working days in advance. Tentative Bookings are not guaranteed bookings. In the case of multiple tentative bookings for one slot, RMP-KEC is bound by rule to give preference to those who pay the advance money in time. RMP-KEC management reserves all rights to take the booking on first paid – first served basis.

A.3. For all our patrons, RMP-KEC tariff will be for minimum 10 persons. In exceptional circumstances, RMP-KEC may review this rule on case-to-case basis.

A.4. Patrons are requested to nominate one person with due authority, as their Programme coordinator with whom, RMP-KEC staff, mainly through their Duty Officer, will be interacting as and when required. Instructions, officially received through such a nominated person will only be accepted.

A.5. Patrons and guests must fill in the form while making a booking. No booking could be considered as final without our officially issued Confirmation Memo, which every patron/ guest will have to bring while using this facility. For the purpose of finalizing the bills, our official Confirmation Memo will be considered as the base document.

A.6. Should the programme, for which booking made by a patron is cancelled, RMP-KEC management reserves the right to decide, whether to return the advance payment fully or to deduct at least 50% part of the amount from the advance, as it deems fit. Postponement of the programme will be allowed subject to availability of new dates only once, only in the case of a genuine reason on a written request.

A.7. In the case of change in number of participants, requests will be entertained only when received in writing with all details, at least 48 hours before the appointed time of the commencement of the programme. Request for addition, the management’s decision will obviously be subject to availability of the facility.

B. Advance Payment and Billing:

B.1. Patrons shall pay at least 50% of the estimated bill amount, through a crossed cheque or a Demand Draft in favour of “Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini” and arrange to send to our registered office at Wadala Address : 17, Chanchal Smruti, G. D. Ambekar Marg, Opp. Shriram Industrial Estate, Wadala, Mumbai – 400031 Telephone no – 022 – 24185502/24136966 OR RTGS/NEFT – Dena Bank Uttan, Bhayander (W) District – Thane, S. B. Number is – 034810003764 IFSC Code – BKDN0470348. Booking process will be considered as complete only after the Advance Payment is done (With reference to Rule A-2) Our office will be issuing a Booking Confirmation Memo along with the Advance Payment Receipt.

B.2. It may please be noted that all the bills raised by RMP would have a component of 18 % or as the case may be, as GST, over and above the final amount of the bill in addition to other taxes applicable at that time.

B.3. Booking this facility for any residential programme incorporates accommodation as per the pattern selected by the patrons, use of one training hall (hall no 1 or 2) for NINE hours ( 9 AM to 6 PM ) in a day and corresponding food package. Any extra usage of the training halls or discussion rooms with sound system or any other area will attract extra charges as per tariff.

B.4. While using the training hall, apart from fixtures – patrons will be provided with LCD projector, Sound System (Cordless and Collar Mic), Wi-Fi, three marker pens for using on the white board, 1 Flip Chart board with 5 flip Charts, (if required additional 10 complimentary), 2 Carpets for Yoga for programme as well as basic stationery items. Should the patrons require any other item such as a, Mic, flip chart holder, flip chart, writing pad, pen etc., extra charges as per the Training Aids Tariff Card will have to be
paid. Printing of name plates for participants below the number of 25 will be complimentary.

B.5. Patrons will be responsible for any damage done to the property or to the equipment and other gadgets, furniture or fixtures, used by them and they will have to compensate RMP-KEC immediately for the damage done. Patrons are requested to refrain from any cheering up sessions in any training hall or outside.

B.6. Patrons will have to undertake immediate settlement of sundry bills raised for the Laundry or Vehicle usage charges, when such charges are to be paid by individuals. Vehicles could be organised as per the requirement of the patrons, with prior written request and as per the actual charges, only.

B.7. On completion of the programme a final invoice will be raised which is payable within 15 days of receipt. Details on mode of payment already mentioned in B.1

C. Catering:

C.1. Catering Services are provided through our official caterers only. Patrons are requested to avoid bringing any outside eatables. Catering services will be provided as per the food packages available and as per the menu mutually agreed upon, (as mentioned in our confirmation memo) on per person-per day basis. Patrons are not supposed to approach our caterers directly and issue instructions to them.
Eating outside eatables in our rooms, or in the dining hall is strictly prohibited.

C.2. No room service will be provided. All other food services will be provided in designated areas only. Should you have any complaint, suggestion to offer or feedback to be given about the food service, please contact our Catering Services Supervisor who would be present at every service (except morning tea) and make a note in the service register accordingly.

C.3. Since this facility is located in a remote area and no other eateries are available in the vicinity, patrons and guests will have to ensure that proper advance notice is given for late-coming guests. Arranging food at a short notice will be difficult. It may please be noted that providing catering service after 10.45 PM will not be possible.

D. Amenities:

D.1. All our guests and participants are welcome to use amenities such as Recreational arrangements in the form of Chess, Carom, Table Tennis and other limited games. Please make sure that you have given due notice to the Duty Officer for your vent/programme of your desire to use these amenities so as to ensure proper arrangements. Uses of these amenities are free of charge. Library will be open for all our patrons and guests, during normal office hours only. While using the library, rules prepared by the Library will have to be observed. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled. All your programme participants may use it for free. Swimming is a free facility.

D.2. The RMP-KEC management would gladly organise the services of a Yog Teacher, Outbound activity material, other miscellaneous items such as – Cake, Tulsi Plant etc. on your official formal request. However, this service will attract separate fees. Also, limited amount of firewood and related items could be made available at COST, should you desire to use the campfire facility in the residential area. Advance intimation for this will be necessary. Patrons are requested to make a note that, the music along with campfire is permitted up to 10.00 pm only and this rule to be followed very strictly.

D.3. Patrons are not expected to keep any valuables in their car when it is left for parking.

D.4. Should the patrons require, a physician will be made available and patrons will have to pay for all the actual expenditure incurred and this facility is subject to availability. Other way, RMP will try to take the patient to the nearest Doctor.

E. General Instructions:

E.1. RMP-KEC is a unique facility created for the purpose of training and research only. It may please be noted that this is neither a resort, nor a guesthouse and still, much more than that. Persons, who are desirous of undertaking any research, or who are registered participants of a training programme (both trainers and trainees), or registered delegates/invitees for a particular event happening at the RMP-KEC or persons specially invited by the RMP-Management, only are expected to take advantage of this facility. Requests for overnight stay at the facility from any other person/s, other than the categories mentioned above cannot be entertained. It may be noted that the Guest / members / Organisation in whose name the bookings is made are entirely responsible for the behavior of their guests.

E.2. It may please be remembered that this is a facility, which is more than a resort. In order to maintain the academic character of this place, we earnestly request all our patrons and guests not to bring along and consume alcohol while on the campus. All are expected to abide by this request. For those who have to smoke, smoking zones have been provided and all are requested to smoke only in those designated areas. Smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited and violation of this rule will be viewed extremely seriously
and it may attract penalty decided by the management.

E.3. Patrons would undertake ensuring that the members of their group would move in the campus only while wearing the badges for all the time, clearly identifying their name and other details. No personal visitors or guests, drivers, security persons, photographers, videographers, relatives or friends who may come along with the patrons will be allowed to remain in the campus without prior written permission of the RMP-KEC management. For catering bill purposes, a child (in the age group of +4) will be considered as an adult member and charges will be calculated accordingly.

E.4. All our patrons and guests are requested to note that at a given time two or more groups may be using this facility. Hence, please do respect other guests.

E.5. Please secure your personal property/valuables. RMP-KEC management will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or left behind items, or damages.

E.6. Please note that this is an academic centre. We expect that the patrons and guests use appropriate clothing while on the campus. It is requested that the patrons and guests will be avoiding using shorts (For outbound activities) in the Tejonidhi building.

E.7. RMP-KEC management reserves the right to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the facility and have the right to ask to leave, without prior notice, anyone who, in our judgment, creates a disturbance or nuisance, or deliberately breaks the rules. No refunds of fees will be made in such an event.

E.8. Commercial photography and shooting is not allowed in the campus except session and group photographs.

E.9. Since it is purely a training facility Men and Women participants are allotted separate rooms (shared in many cases) for accommodation, even if there are any couple as participants.